Professional makeup lessons London

With years of experience as a makeup artist and a makeup teacher, I love helping my clients improve their skills, for flawless makeup every day.

Who might benefit from a makeup lesson?

Makeup and Hair Styling for special events
Makeup and Hair Styling for special events
Maybe makeup has never been your thing, or perhaps you're at an age that makeup has just become of interest - whatever the case and whatever your skin type and skin tone if you're just getting started with makeup, my introductory make-up master class will teach you the basic skills you need to create flawless makeup looks and find your make-up inspiration.

Looking to improve your Makeup Skills

If you've had a go with makeup already, but want to become more confident, my makeup lessons can help.

I can teach you basic skills for a flawless everyday makeup look, find your most flattering makeup style, teach correct makeup application, as well as more advanced techniques for evening makeup and more.

I can even include a contouring makeup lesson and a brows makeup lesson to enhance your natural features.

Just Getting Started with Makeup

If you've been in to make up for a while, but want to perfect your skills, I can help you take things to the next level.

From teaching you more advanced techniques to helping you find the best makeup brushes and products to suit your needs, my makeup lessons will teach you everything you need to know to create everyday looks, special occasion looks more makeup styles and more advanced skills such as contouring with my bespoke lesson.

Take your Makeup Skills to the Next Level

Meet your makeup teacher - Lera

With years of hands-on experience in the industry as a professional makeup artist, I love helping my clients take their makeup skills to the next level.

I spent several years teaching makeup at the Kyiv Makeup Academy, and today I now teach makeup in the UK, to help you elevate your every day and evening look by creating flawless makeup just for you.

Perfect your Skills

Here are a few examples of my most popular masterclasses, although I can teach you any makeup looks you request within your make-up lesson.
Perfect for every day, I can help you learn how to perfect that oh-so desirable 'no makeup' makeup.

A natural look is actually one of the most difficult makeups to achieve, but with the right techniques and products, I can teach you how to achieve this look in as little as 30-minutes for a daytime makeup look.

Together we will make your skin look flawless using color correction and enhance your naturally beautiful features, for an everyday anti-ageing make-up look that appears effortless, but makes you feel confident and beautiful.
Duration 2,5 hours
Price £200

No-Makeup Look - Natural Daily Makeup
This is one of my most requested eye makeup evening looks, and for good reason - enhancing the eyes is a great way to transform your look and take it to the next level for the nighttime.

In my evening make-up lesson, I can show you step by step how to define your eyes, make them look bigger, brighter and striking, and how to choose the best eyeshadow colour for your eye colour, with my smokey eyes look masterclass.
Duration 2,5 hours
Price £200

Smokey Eyes Look - Bold Makeup
Also known as 'cat eyes', the winged eyeliner look is super flattering, but it can be tricky to achieve.

Great for day and night, I can teach you how to perfect this look in a way that's suitable for the occasion.

For daytime, a more subtle thin liner is best, and for the evening you can take things to the next level for a sultry look.
Duration 2,5 hours
Price £200

Defined Eyes - Winged Eyeliner


Where do lessons take places?
I can teach makeup lessons at my home or I can come to you. I work in London and the surrounding areas, however, I can travel further afield - please get in touch to enquire if you are based further away (travel costs may apply).
Do I need to bring my makeup kit?
Yes please do bring your makeup kit - this is so that you can learn to create makeup looks with your own kit so that you don't have to spend a lot of money replacing everything. I can also make product recommendations to upgrade your kit. If you are yet to buy your own products don't worry, I can use my own kit and will make recommendations to you.
Do you offer group makeup lessons?
Yes, I do - if you come with a friend you will also get a discounted price, compared to booking a one-to-one session.
Can you review my makeup products and tools?
Yes, I'm always happy to, and always include this as part of your lesson, unless you would prefer not to include this of course.
Should I wear makeup/prep my hair when attending my lesson?
If possible, please come without makeup for our lesson. It's up to you how you'd like to wear your hair, however, it is best to have it pushed back off your face for the makeup application, but we can do this once you arrive if you prefer.
Can I purchase gift vouchers for makeup lessons?
Yes of course, just get in touch - the gift of beauty is a wonderful thing to give.
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