Makeup artist for music videos and commercials

From makeup for music stars to band crew and everything in between, my experience and skills in makeup for music videos and commercial ads are vast.
If you are looking for a makeup artist in London for your music or commercial advertising video shooting or a film makeup artist, please look at my portfolio.

My experience in TV

Individual learning
My experience in TV
Starting my career in the beauty industry, working on Ukraine's main TV channel - 1+1, I was selected to provide makeup for one of the celebrity hosts and other cast members on a major entertainment series.

I quickly realised that I liked this fast-paced environment - my ability to create striking makeup looks for the screen stood out, which sparked my love of makeup for TV, music videos, and commercials ads.
I pursued more roles in television and started having more freelance Makeup jobs for commercials and music videos as the lead makeup artist.

In addition to makeup, I put together entire looks, incorporating hairstyling into my repertoire. I love that I'm able to create a look from start to finish, but my passion still lies within makeup, and this is where I am truly able to shine.

The music band I worked with

In Ukraine, I worked as Professional Makeup Artist on video production for bands such as M.O.Z.G.I. band, Michel Andrade, Nadya Dorofeeva, A.R.M.I.A., K.A.Z.K.A., Ivan Navi, Tartak, M.A.R.U.V., Miyata, I.N.G.R.E.T., Antitila, MamaRika, and Dihaj (Eurovision 2017, Azerbaijan), to name a few.

I moved to the U.K. in March 2022. Today I offer my makeup services in London and the East Anglia region.

Makeup artist for Music Videos and Commercials

Looking for a makeup artist to create looks for your music video or commercial?
I can transform your artists, models and actors, capturing your vision and translating it into a look designed specifically for on-screen.
In every role, I bring a high level of creativity and professionalism and flexibility. It's my job to help you create unique video content, and makeup is integral to that.

I can work in a way that meets your needs - following a brief to the letter, putting forward my suggestions and recommendations to enhance your ideas, or taking full creative freedom.

I always work to achieve the best possible end result, taking a unique approach to each job to achieve something truly special from the initial makeup look, hair and touch-ups. I'm highly proactive and take a lot of pride in my work. I follow beauty trends but still prefer natural makeup application over airbrush makeup.

Video and Commercial London Makeup Artistry

I work in London and the surrounding areas, providing makeup artistry for films. My favourite jobs work on music videos and commercials - I love the unique opportunity these jobs typically present and how each job is entirely different to the next.

From TV ads and social media commercials to mainstream music videos and videos for underground artists, every job is unique, and it's my ability as a makeup artist to be flexible and creative that makes me so successful in this line of work.
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