I'm Lera Pesliak, a professional makeup artist with years of experience. My love for makeup began at an early age alongside my passion for fashion, but I started in the professional makeup industry while studying marketing at university. I gathered as much information about makeup as I could from books, fashion magazines, and any other sources I could find at the time.

After learning the basics, I joined the professional makeup programme at Kyiv's Makeup Academy. During my time at the academy, I learnt a lot of different makeup techniques, and my passion for the art form grew and grew until I was teaching makeup techniques to other students of the academy.
While at 1+1, I worked on various music videos and commercials as a freelance makeup artist. Many of the music videos I worked on during this period are featured in my showreel.

Lera Peslyak Makeup Artist

My first major makeup role came in 2016 on the main TV channel in Ukraine, 1+1, the Ukrainian equivalent of the BBC. I worked in a passionate team of makeup artists on TV series and TV shows, including Na Nozhakh, where I worked with one of the show's stars regularly and several other smaller characters. This experience taught me much about makeup and creating beautiful natural looks that work on screen.
During this time, my makeup skills evolved as the different styles of makeup required for makeup in music videos and commercials are ever-changing. Throughout this time, I had the honour of working with some of the top Ukrainian music stars, including MOZGI band, Michel Andrade, Nadya Dorofeeva, and the A.R.M.I.A band, the KAZKA band, Ivan Navi, the Tartak band, MARUV, Miyata, INGRET, the Antitila band, MamaRika, and Dihaj (Eurovision 2017, Azerbaijan).
Along with working with some of the biggest names in Ukrainian music, I have also worked with some major brands too. I've been lucky enough to work with: Vogue UA, The Village Ukraine, Louis Vuitton, Zarina, Citrus and other cosmetics brands, as well as bloggers such as Daria Kvitkova, Alisa Ilieva, Alina Friendly, Olympic champion Anna Rizatdinova and DJ Daria Kolomiets.
As a makeup artist for TV and music videos, I continued teaching makeup techniques to spring makeup artists and people who wanted to create unique looks in everyday life. Makeup has always been my passion, and teaching others how to apply makeup correctly professionally or personally makes me happy. It also helps me improve my makeup skills, as I get to teach makeup for different skin tones and skin types.
Throughout my time as a professional makeup artist, my passion for this art form has grown more and more. The more I learn about makeup, allows me to offer more to my clients and allow me to further my makeup teachings as well.

This passion for makeup and my years of professional experience enable me to offer the best makeup services for a host of special events.

For my latest makeup work, please check out my portfolio and Instagram page.
An interesting fact about me - When I feel sad, I play the piano.
For more information about my professional makeup services, please get in touch. I can ensure that you look amazing for any special event.

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