Winter make-up

Winter make-up tips: makeup products, skin care, colours - tips from professional makeup artist

Winter makeup products
This article explains why you should use different makeup products and how to adjust your skin tone during winter.

Lera Peslyak, a professional London makeup artist, will explain why you should use winter-friendly makeup products during the colder months when it snows and temperatures drop.

This article will also cover general winter makeup trends for the colour palette, accent colours and Eye makeup colours.

Make-up artist's beauty tips for cold winter weather

Now that winter is in full swing, let's talk about how to best take care of our makeup so we can survive the season beautifully! No one wants smudged lashes, flaky skin blemishes or cracked lips. A portrait is not fit for any other season but Halloween... But it frequently happens if we use the incorrect makeup during winter!
When choosing winter makeup, just like makeup for any other season, we usually pay attention to the properties and the visual impact.

By using the products with the right makeup properties, you are halfway there to look great during wintertime.

Winter makeup tips: products do's and makeup application

Winter makeup products
  • As the temperature starts to dip, it's more important than ever to start using richer skincare creams and Foundations that will help prevent your skin from drying out or becoming damaged. We should not favour oil-free foundations during the winter as we did in the summer. On the contrary, in winter, oil-based foundations protect and save our skin from the effects of cold temperatures and wind.

  • Nourish the skin during the day, and moisturise at night. Our skin dehydrates during the day: due to low temperatures on the one hand and heating indoors on the other. So it needs to be well moisturised at night and nourished during the day. So in the morning, we should use a nourishing cream with antioxidants and protect the skin.

  • Avoid using powder, as it dries out the skin.

  • Blushes in winter should be applied judiciously for a natural look. I recommend using a creamy texture for extra moisture and nourishment.

  • For eye makeup, use more long-lasting products. This is especially true for mascara! A thermal mascara that washes out only with warm water, without micellar water or other aids, is ideal. It's not affected by winter weather conditions such as wet snow.
careful with your lips in the winter
  • Last but not least, you have to be extra careful with your lips in the winter because they are susceptible to losing moisture. Never forget to apply lip balm before going to sleep! Also, make sure you apply it before your lipstick! Pigments and glosses are very drying in winter, so it is better to use creamy, nourishing lipsticks with vitamin E and other nourishing ingredients.

Winter skin tones & colours

Now that we know which makeup products work best during the winter, let's discuss winter makeup looks and colour palettes.


Winter is a fantastic season for experimenting with makeup. When it's cold outside, there are many different looks you can go for!

Let's look at the colours in makeup that fit well with the winter season.

  • The first rule for winter: use cooler shades than in summer! This is due to the general pallor of your skin in winter; your usual summer tone with intense colours can look yellow and inappropriate.
  • Refrain from using bronzer; it's still a summer attribute. Blush is more appropriate in winter. But if you still do not want to look like Elizabeth I or Dita Von Teese, after applying makeup, you can fix it with a special spray that fixes the makeup and gives the skin a soft tan effect and glow. Furthermore, it protects against harsh weather conditions.
  • When winter arrives, so does a change in the shades of makeup we typically use. We see cooler pastel shades instead of oranges, peaches, bronzes, and gold. These shades are perfect for winter: Grey, cold brown, purple, deep wine, and blue - these shades look gorgeous in winter!

Scientists have revealed that women look a few years older in winter than in summer. I'm afraid I have to disagree with these scientists.

All in all, winter makeup does not have to be boring, especially when it is party season. With the right products and colours, you can look stunning and winter-ready!

Written by Lera Peslyak
I am a professional makeup artist and makeup teacher based in London. She offers a wealth of experience in the industry, having worked with an extensive range of clients from all over the world. Lera strives to create an individual makeup look for each and every one of her clients, unique to them and their features.
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