Lera Peslyak Makeup Artist

Expert advice: Summer make-up and eyebrow trends

Makeup trends…

Summer should be all about bright colours and glowing skin.. When, if not now, dare to do something bold? This applies to everything - having fun, relaxing, new projects, experimenting with looks and summer makeup trends.

This season, the biggest trend is a bright and bold eye makeup look. A couple of main features will define this look - bright colours and bold shapes. Think neon green, ultramarine or saturated fuchsia. It is important to gently blend the colour into the skin, keeping it bright but with soft and blurred lines.  Unlike the classic technique, an untouched lower eyelid is on-trend - no shadow or eyeliner should be applied to the lower lash.  While you might worry that the eye may appear smaller with nothing on the lower lash line, the end result is quite the opposite. Such simplicity only emphasises the richness of colour and shape of the eyes, making them look bigger and brighter.  However, mascara may still be applied to the lower lashline. Use a classic black mascara to highlight your lashes and add definition. This look doesn’t have to be extreme - it can work day and night and is buildable. 

Eyebrow Trends

This season it’s all about the natural brow and accentuating your natural shape! You can use pencils, shadows and eyebrow gel or soap to create a defined yet natural look.

New products include eyebrow tint markers. The main focus is on translucent versions. Thanks to them you can draw the hairs so finely that even a professional up close wouldn’t be able to tell that you filled in your brows.

NYX and Anastasia Beverly Hills have excellent felt-tip pens. Keep in mind that the lighter shades from AVN can be too reddish.

Forget about bold edges, and sharp tips - carefully smoothed eyebrows and natural-looking arch will enhance your summer style. If you're short on time, try a treatment e called lamination - it's essentially a long-lasting eyebrow styling and colouring treatment that makes your eyebrows look perfect every day.